Frequently Asked Questions

There are countless ways to answer this question, but the best answer is that video is simply a more effective way to communicate with your client. Studies have shown that a viewer retains 95% of your message with video compared to just 16% with text. It’s no wonder that 86% of marketing professionals use video, with 92% of them reporting a high return on investment.

We produce a wide range of photo and video content, including “video business cards,” office tours, client testimonials, promotional and marketing content, professional “executive” headshots, as well as anything else your website or marketing may need.

An estimate will vary depending on the number of staff needed, the equipment used, as well as the amount of time needed during shooting and editing. Our pricing is flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of budgets, with a wide variety of optional add-ons to increase the production value of the final product.

This depends on the scale of the content being produced. For example, a standard “video business card” might take about four days to produce from the first day to delivery, with half a day of filming.


Our team will always follow your lead when it comes to creative decisions and can provide a creative concept, scriptwriting services, and graphical design if needed.


We are a production company that is tailored exclusively to the needs of the wellness industry. Unlike many production companies, we believe that quality content goes beyond pretty pictures. We want to help solve the problems your wellness business is facing using the power of visual storytelling, whatever those problems may be. At Peace of Mind Pictures, our number one goal is to provide you with quality content that creates the best return on investment.

Revisions are always a very important part of the production process. Different projects require a different number of client revisions, which we go into extensive detail once you receive your quote. All revisions outlined in the post-production schedule are free, with additional revisons incurring additional fees.

We provide an action plan on how your new content can best be used to help your practice during the initial planning stage of production. Additionally, we help you research your core target audience so that you can be sure your content is targeted at the right people.


For an additional small fee, we provide formatting for different media platforms such as Instagram and Tik Tok that allows you to easily upload your content wherever you choose.

Our interviews are always set up like every day conversations, making the filming process a breeze. Many clients who have reported being nervous prior to filming often finish saying they forgot the camera was even there.

We also offer teleprompters if you have a more specific message in mind. That way you don’t even have to think about what you want to say!

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